Which VW Pop Top Lift Assist is best for you?

VW Pop Top Lift Assist info There are 3 different VW Pop Top Lift Assist kits available: standard, medium, and heavy duty. The only difference between them is the shocks -- the heavy-duty shocks are more powerful and make it easier to lift the roof if you have a canoe, kayak, solar panel, or other heavy object on top of the roof. Light shocks offer minimal assist if you find the pop top too heavy to push up on your own. The medium shocks work best with a light load, such as a surfboard or two, or a solar panel mounted near the back of the roof. The heavy shocks work best when you should have something on the roof at all times. When there's nothing on the roof, the heavy shocks won't stay down so it's a hassle to get the tent gathered in before you latch the roof down. NOTE: it's super easy to install different shocks, so having an extra set of the medium or heavy lifters to use on those days when you're bringing your canoe or kayaks on a trip is a great idea. The kit itself is also easy to install. Simply drill two holes, both in the fibreglass, one on each side of the pop top. The detailed instructions that come with the kit make it easy to find the right location for the holes. Other kits require 8 holes to be drilled in your van. Half of them have to be drilled right into the metal roof structure and you need to buy a special tool for the install. Yikes! Our kit, on the other hand, requires only common hand tools for the installation. Our kit also costs around 60% less than other kits, when you factor in the cost of shipping and the special tool needed for installation. For anyone wondering about our supplier of the Jack Bombay - Mark was the first person to bring this kit to market, years before anyone else :-) We feel it's important to support the innovators and creators of new products on the market as well as original parts manufacturing. We support the local guy with the skills and knowledge who stand behind their products developed with pride!

Testimonial RE: Top Assist Struts

I personally know at least half a dozen local Westy owners that have ordered and installed these kits and have all been very pleased with the results and the ease of installation. And now with the kits becoming available from vendors like Bus Depot and The Skylight Guy they are even easier to order.

- Loren

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