We offer many quality mechanical and electrical parts for any T3 (in England T2.5) Vanagon (1980-1992). Please note there are some differences between earlier (up to 85) and later (85 -92) models.The first models feature an aircooled boxer engine and up to 1983 there were also some with normally aspirated 1.6 L Diesel engines. The aircooled engine was followed by the 1.9 L Waterboxer and then in 1986 by the 2.1 L Waterboxer. In Europe Vanagons were also available with 1.6 L Turbodiesel engines. We support all models.
For all Westfalia and camper products please see our Camper Parts category. For specific T3 Syncro parts check the next section. You can always search by name or part number. Contact us if you do not see a part you need in our online store.
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T3 Vanagon 1980-1992

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