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Do you have questions about the Dometic fridge in your beloved Westfalia camper van? We've got answers! We hope some of the links below will unravel some of the mysteries of operating, lighting and maintaining the Dometic Fridge found in most Vanagon-Westfalia vans. We often hear Westy owners expressing consternation over the Westfalia Fridge - aka "that stupid fridge" - which is generally a Dometic RM182B. The most common complaint is not knowing how to get the fridge to operate on all 3 systems: 12v battery, propane or 110v electric. Our friend Derek Drew on the East Coast gave us some of these resources that he has found to post on here - to assist fellow Westfalia owners with their fridge problems: Check out Derek's site at Syncro Madness for more info that he brings online. You can also find some awesome fridge maintenance information on Frank Condelli's site Please let us know if this Dometic fridge information was helpful. If you have more questions, let us know -- or if you have other useful resources to add to this list, send it to us and we'll post it to help other Westfalia Camper owners out!  

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