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 Edward (Ed) Beggs, the co-founder of PlantDrive is pleased to announce that a new technical and economic cooperation is made with Dr. Björn Ratjen and his team at Dr. Björn's Auto in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada.

"Dr. Björn's Auto has long been one of our top installers and has  been very active in the promotion of PlantDrive and plant oil fuel concepts in general, and I have referred many customers there for installations over the years. I am happy that we can now work more closely together in this enterprise", said Beggs. 

The website will become a repository of information for PlantDrive components and kits, as well as general information related to the use of carbon-neutral, sustainable plant oil fuels in diesel engines. 

Ed will continue to be active in the new operations, thus providing continuity of the service that has been offered to progressive, eco-conscious motorists since 1999! 

It is part of our core philosophy that we lessen the environmental impact of vehicles and running Diesel engines on used plant oil can make your fuel cycle carbon neutral.  see for additional information

The parts below will enable you to convert your Diesel vehicle, boat, engine or furnace. These conversions are also called SVO (straight vegetable oil) or WVO (waste vegetable oil) conversions. Dr. Björn's Auto and PLANTDRIVE are working together to provide all necessary components and expertise for your conversion.

Our prices are in Canadian $.

Plant Oil Conversions

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