About Us

Vanagon Westfalia Parts is run by a team of VW-enthusiasts at Dr. Björn's Auto, our auto shop on the west coast of Canada.

We are environmentally-conscious travellers and VW van owners with over 40 years of experience. We produce and source parts for VW vans (from any decade), as well as custom camper equipment to help tailor your van for your needs. With our strong technical experience, excellent inventory and vast community network, we'll get you ready to roll, explore new destinations and out in the world appreciate our natural environment. 

While we assist you to get off the beaten track we also ask you to tread lightly and respect nature. The underlying goal at Dr. Björn's Auto is to reduce the footprint of vehicles and promote environmental awareness and environmentally sensible transportation. This is why the mechanical services at our shop focus on Diesel engines and waste vegetable oil conversions. We have selected partnerships with qualified shops who specialize in work on waterboxer and air cooled gasoline engines and maintenance.

Sustainability also means for us that we want parts we offer to last. We provide you with parts which we use or would use ourselves as well. Keeping vehicles on the road longer with good maintenance saves resources.

All services and installations are done at our small shop (Dr. Björn's Auto) in British Columbia, Canada. Parts purchased from our online store can be shipped worldwide! 

 Dr. Björn