The Skylight Guy Buys Delta Six Industries Oct 2010

I'm writing this about a year after Trevor and I bought the Delta Six Industries product line. We have had an amazing year learning the ropes of plastic injection mold operations, and working like crazy to upgrade the equipment and the end product.   The most frequently asked question we get is "how did you guys manage to do that?". People are amazed when we tell them what we do considering we live in Gibsons, a small little fishing village on the Inside Passage - along the Salish Sea, in British Columbia. Trevor and I just shrug and say, "Hey, it was a natural course of events for two folks of our nature”.   We flew to Tennessee in August 2010 and discussed the idea of purchasing Euro-RV with Jose who had inherited the business, and who was a former employee of Pete Catlett. Jose made buying Euro-RV simple. All he wanted was to look you in the eye and see what kind of amigo he was dealing with. Jose wanted to be sure we would do the business proud. He was specific what kind of people the business was to be represented by. We hauled the molds, a plastic injection mold machine and all kinds of other parts across the USA driving a Penske Rental Truck. We drove 3,325 miles in 10 days...well, Trevor drove, I navigated the 26' half semi trailer sized truck. We signed an agreement in April 2011 with Ron Salmon of Bus Depot to be our US Distributor for wholesale sales throughout the USA. Ron was first to contact us and we felt super confident in working with Bus Depot particularly because Trevor had been selling his skylights through Bus Depot since 1997. Ron has kept us very busy fulfilling our product demands after a seriously long hiatus of supply. In the mean time, Trevor and I have been looking for ways to make improvements to the product designs. Upgrades have been adapted where necessary to keep up with improved industry standards. We have set ourselves up with a fantastic creative team who help us develop new parts and accessories for the vans as well. Give us a call, we love to sit by the shop or the beach and share these kind of stories with folks! Cheri & Trevor  

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