VM 3 Heated Fuel Filter Base

Product Description

This Vegmax 3 (VM3) fuel filter base has an integrated heat exchanger which keeps the vegoil flowing through excellent heat exchange. It also heats the filter itself. It has less height than the VM2 and is for more compact installations. Also, the VM3 can be installed either with the filter element on top (for maximum heating) or with the filter element facing down if more convenient for mounting purposes, whereas the VM2 must always be installed with the filter element facing up. 

There are ports for drain valves and temperature senders. You will need ORB (O-Ring Boss) fittings to connect fuel and coolant hoses - select the VM3 ORB variant from the drop down list to have those included with your order. 

Choose between filter base only (SVO-VM3) or base combined (SVO-VM3-ORB) with fittings.