SVO Filter Bag 2 in 1

Product Description

This filter bag is part of a simple waste oil collection and filtration system. It has 4" (10 cm) diameter and is 14" (35 cm) long. It has a 2 layered weave 25 and 10 micron and can be suspended in an appropriate catchment vessel using the steel ring sewn into the rim. Durable handles allow for easy removal when the bag is plugged. Not cleanable but last a long time due to double layer and large size. 

It is recommended that you let the oil settle first and pour any sludge into a separate container to preserve longer filtering capacity.

We recommend using a white translucent plastic drum (readily available used in local markets). Cut three holes into the drum, and drop three bags into the holes. When you pour a jug of oil, the bags may "back up", so this three-bag idea allows you to move to the next bag, while the first one drains. Continue around the bags as needed - simple! 

Also for winter use, we have introduced a new nylon filter bag - see elsewhere on the store. That one is a cleanable nylon mesh (200 micron). Of course it does not filter nearly as well, but with gravity settling and a good, large filter on your onboard filtration system, it allows for the filtering drum to be used in temperatures that are too cold for these bags to flow. Or, for the best filtering option, consider our Pump N' Filter System!