SVO Pump N' Filter System

Product Description

Highest quality pump and components.

PlantDrive Pump and Filter System: Were you thinking you need a centrifuge? Well, they are nice and do the job, but can be fussy, cost twice as much as this, and you still need a pump and hoses, etc. to fill your tank. So, we offer you instead a very high quality, reliable  solution to handle filtering and pumping of oil in one pass! Easy, hassle free. 

Includes our self-priming, European-made Pipeline 2.0 pump, which is a 12V gear pump with internal pressure regulation at ~ 80 PSI, rated for up to 600 centistokes! What is an example?  50 weight motor oil at 65 degrees F.

This pump will cold filter thick WVO, pushing through a 1 micron bag filter contained in a filter housing. Rated for up to 2.4 GPM (9 litres per minute). It's a complete packaged pump with inlet strainer, hoses, clamps, and nozzle with trigger lock, and battery cables with alligator clips. 


 - An industrial quality bag filter housing (Blue filter housing in photo)

- Heavy duty mounting bracket to wall-mount the filter housing. Comes complete with screws for mounting into wood.

-One 1 micron filter bag for use within the bag filter housing,  mounting bracket, screws, filter housing wrench.

NOTE: There is also a pressure gauge included with the filter housing, but to make it useful, you will need to drill and tap the housing and install it onto the Inlet side instead of the existing location on the Outlet side, and then of course plug the existing opening). Or just leave it where it is or plug the port, and just change the bag when flow is obviously diminished at the nozzle. These bags last a long time if you settle the oil a few weeks, then decant through the 25/10 bags into the drum, then pump (push under pressure) through the 1 micron bag which you install in the filter housing. The 1 micron bags are rated for oil, and are made by Pentek, so they are reliable in the application.

This pump is the only pump we know of at this price and compactness that can handle pumping even cold vegetable oil (down to just above freezing temperatures!) through a 1 micron bag, at a rate fast enough to satisfy the needs of filling a fuel tank on a vehicle! Why is cold filtering best? Because if you heat the oil, you melt the fats, they pass the filter bag, and then reappear in your tank and lines, which might cause problems. Cold-filtering removes the animal fats to a certain extent and minimizes this issue. AND it can be taken on the road, if you wish, just mount it all into a box or on to a piece of plywood, and use it at home, or on the road. The pump is 12 Volt.

An inlet strainer, all hoses and clamps, also included. You can make up your own inlet suction pipe from locally obtained PVC pipe and fittings, if you wish, and use the inlet strainer on the end, or just drop a hose into the settling tank. Any fittings and hose used on the outlet side of the pump must be rated to at least 100 PSI.  See photos under Home Filtering, in our photo gallery.  Can be run off an older car battery, kept charged up by a very small solar panel, the type sold at auto stores to keep a car battery trickle charged. This works because the pump is only used a few times a week, typically, and for a short duration. Fill a tank in minutes! Alternatively, the car battery can be kept charged with a small plug-in trickle charger. Or, if used onboard, just run off the vehicle charging system.

This is a top quality system, the pump is really up to the task, being a gear pump, and the hoses, fittings, nozzle, clamps, and bag filter housing and etc. are all excellent quality components!!

Compact in size, the filter housing is approx. 13" tall, yet big capacity!

Replacement bags are available. but you won't use very many per year - with pressure filtering they will last a long time if you settle the oil and especially if you first filter the oil through our larger 25/10 filter bags.


Don't settle for less, we have tried other pumps in the past, and other ways of filtering and we are loving this one, and so are our customers!  This system represents a great balance of cost, convenience, features and reliability.

Battery, charger, funnel, and PVC fittings and piping are not included. Obtain locally.