SVO Consulting

Product Description


Save time, money, hassles and headaches! 

The founders and operators of PlantDrive have a combined 60 years plus experience at SVO conversions and we can help you plan your project or assist with troubleshooting. We can help via phone or email(s).

We offer assistance on the following topics (Rate is per hour, 1 hour is the minimum).

- Which diesel  should I buy?

- What components should I use? 

- How do I collect, pre-treat, filter the oil? 

- How do I get my car to run on WVO?

...and  many other questions!  Simply buy 1 unit for $90. If our discussions take much longer than an hour, and we feel we need to ask you for a little more, we will, but generally we can take care of most queries within this time frame. 

We have converted many different engines and vehicles and can help you with your planning or troubleshooting.