Hydraforce 3-Port Valve Kit

Product Description

The 3-Port Hydraforce Valves have high quality and can be used to separate the flow between supply and return lines. This helps to keep different fuels separate.

VALVE PORTS ARE NUMBERED. 1 is for diesel (valve not powered),  2 is for common (to or from engine) and 3 is for veg (valve powered). Wire and female connectors not included, use 16 gauge automotive wire.

Works for most cars, pickups, tractors, generators, boats, etc. . Genuine Hydraforce valves with Viton seals. Some (highway tractor size) trucks might require larger valves - contact us for pricing. Specifications: 3 port (3/2 way), normally closed. Ports: Threaded for -6 ORB fittings, valves ship with ORB to 3/8" hose barb fittings which are clockable - that is, they can be rotated 360 degrees for optimum hose routing. Attachment: Use machine bolts through mounting slots into something rigid. Mounting position: can be mounted in any position. Compatibility: diesel, new SVO, WVO, biodiesel, blends. Wiring - provided with two male spade terminals, so not exactly as pictured. Power Draw" Approx. 2A @ 12V. We can also supply these valves with 24V coils as special order on request. Body: Aluminum. With minor modifications (mill or drill the mounting holes to make them a bit larger), valves can be mounted to a VM2 filter base.

Advantage: Neat, compact mounting, valves warmed by the coolant in the base of the VM2.