Single Tank PlantDrive Kit for Mercedes-Benz to 1999

Product Description

Intended for use in warm climates on older indirect injection Mercedes engines with Bosch inline injection pumps. It has been tested to just above freezing, using used Canola cooking oil of average quality. Can be used with the Mercedes cars up to 1999. The kit is especially easy to fit on the cars up to 1985 (the usual 240D, 300D); the newer ones may require additional bracket (not supplied) to mount the filter (make something from bent aluminum, etc.) 

The kit consists of the following (see component details elsewhere on the site):

  • VM2 coolant heated filter base and 10 micron filter element; basic fittings included but you may need some other fittings from local auto parts store to complete the installation, depending on model and year of car.
  •  A much larger clear plastic pre-filter to replace the original.
  • Coolant tees, 
  • 5/16" and 3/8" fuel/coolant hose.
  • Hose clamps.
  • Hoses to re-plumb and bypass existing filter.
  • Instructions -  sent via pdf/email.

For better performance at temperatures below freezing or with high gel point oils, additional modifications, accessories, or blends can be used. Contact us if you need further information on this, for our recommendations. This kit is upgradable to a full 2-tank kit. So, for those who wish to try a Single Tank conversion of an older Mercedes, and then move to a colder area, sell the car to someone in a colder area, wish to stop using a blend, wish to use heavier oil, wish to use the car year round, etc., this system allows those changes to be made if desired.

Note that for success with this kit, the following should be the case:

  • Use liquid oil that flows nearly as well as new Canola oil.
  • Overnight temperatures will be +5C or above if attempting to use 100% vegoil, or a block heater or oil pan heater will be used if attempting to use below freezing. 
  • Engine compression, battery, starter, alternator, glow plugs, timing, injection pump and injectors must all be in proper operating condition. Clean, easy starts are also a sign that you are achieving good combustion of the fuel at startup, and this minimizes emissions and preserves engine life. 
  • Proper starting procedure must be followed. Basically this means waiting a little longer than usual for the glow plugs (perhaps cycling them twice), using the accelerator half or fully depressed, per the Mercedes manual for colder weather starting,
  • Warming up the engine slightly longer than you may be used to before starting out, and driving a little more gently the first few blocks than you may be used to.
  • Synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricating oil recommended for colder weather, especially, it allows the engine to crank over easier, therefore faster, therefore better starts and combustion.
  • Use of block heater as needed.