Westfalia Pop Top Seals (options)

Product Description

T2, T3 and T4 Westfalia Pop Top Seals

Our replacement installs in minutes. On ’67 and earlier campers (small poptop), this seal goes around all 4 sides. On ’68-73 it goes around the two sides and the rear (you use the Flat Seal, below, for the back), On ’74 and later campers it goes around the two sides and the front (again, you use the flat seal, below, for the remaining side). It is available in pre-cut lengths for all Westfalias, or sold by the foot for custom use on non-Westfalia campers.

T2 and T3 Westfalia Luggage Rack Seal

Originally found on ’74 and later VW Westfalias (but also available for ’68-73), this seal keeps wind and rain from going underneath the plastic shell while you are driving.

T2 and T3 Westfalia Pop Top to Luggage Rack Seal - Flat piece

The Westfalia Pop Top to Luggage Rack Seal is the flat seal that fits on the front of the pop top roof on the ’68 and later Westfalias, this is the seal that goes along the leading edge of the poptop where it comes down to meet the luggage rack. Installs in minutes.

T2 and T3 Westfalia Pop Top Seal - 3 piece Kit

This Westfalia Pop Top Seal Kit is not a generic weatherstrip, but made of superior rubbers from UK or USA to fit your Westy! Includes Pop top seal, Flat seal, and luggage rack seal. Fits the T3 and later model T2 Westfalia.

T3 German Westfalia Pop Top Seal - single piece

This is a complete single piece seal for the T3 Westfalia pop top without a seam. The flat portion of the seal towards the luggage rack is included. We import this from Germany. We recommend adding the German Luggage Rack Seal as it surface and structure matches the one piece seal.

T4 Westfalia Pop Top Seal

Uses the same seal material as the T3 Pop Top seal, just a little bit longer! Fits the 1992-1997 and later Westfalia Pop Top.


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