Hatch Struts T3

Product Description

Original VW Vanagon Rear Hatch Struts

We sell quality struts that last longer, so over time your hatch won't sag and thus preventing you from hitting your head. This version was originally used on only the right side only, but most people use it on both sides for improved strength and reliability over the "1-stronger-strut, 1-weaker-strut" configuration that Volkswagen used. When you install our regular struts you will have more lifting power than the stock setup.

Have a bike rack? We also offer part # 251 829 332 HD, which is much stronger than the original and is designed to hold the hatch up even when it has some weight on it. However when you have no load on the hatch then you have to use considerable force to pull it down when the HD struts are installed. Check with us before you order this one.

$42.00 $45.00