Vanagon Rear Hatch Struts

Product Description

Original VW Vanagon Rear Hatch Struts

Ours may costs a few bucks more than some aftermarket struts, but they lasts longer, so over time your hatch won't sag or conk you on the head. This version was originally used on only the Right side, but most people use it on both sides for improved strength and reliability over the "1-stronger-strut, 1-weaker-strut" configuration that Volkswagen inexplicably used. Highly recommended.

Have a bike rack? We also offer part # 251829332HD, which is twice as strong as the original and is designed to hold the hatch up even when it has weight on it. Out of stock - no problem to get these back on the shelf so let us know what you need!

$72.00 $90.00