Vanagon Headlight Relay Kits

Product Description
Vanagon Headlight Relay Kits  are one of the most important steps to getting the light you need on the road for safe night-time travel. Our headlight relay kit, allows you to improve the quality of your Westy headlights by:
  • Increase the brightness of your stock headlight system by allowing the maximum voltage available to reach your headlamps.
  • Will allow you to install higher wattage headlamps without the fear of melting your headlight switch.
  • Draw full current directly from the battery.
After installing relays, the van's headlight switch will only be used to trigger the relay to turn on.  The electrical load will also be removed from the hi/low dimmer selector, as well as the ignition switch.  The reduced electrical load on these parts will allow all of them to run cooler and last longer. Using matching colour coded wiring makes it super easy to connect to stock wiring colours to avoid installation confusion.  We have these fabricated specifically for the 1980-1991 Vanagon. Our headlight relays have an amperage of 40A and are pre-wired for easy installation. You'll be able to plug them in and get them working in 20-30 minutes max!
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Why does our headlight relay kit make it easier for you to see at night?

The lack of factory headlight relays is a well-known flaw in the Vanagon-Westfalia electrical system and can result in a melted headlight switch or ignition switch. With a headlight relay kit, you can increase the amount of light coming out of your headlights in two ways:
  1. The headlight relay diverts the electrical load away from the headlight switch on the van's dashboard, as well as the hi/low beam selector and the ignition switch, allowing them to run cooler and last longer while sending the maximum available power to your headlights.
  2. The headlight relay use thicker wires that shorten the length of the electrical path running from the battery to your headlights, providing them with more power.
Even better, the headlight relays hook directly into your van's fuse block and are protected by the stock headlight fuses.