Vanagon 2WD Schwenk Springs

Product Description

Vanagon 2WD Schwenk Springs set of 2 rear & 2 front Springs

You will find these Springs to be a huge improvement to your ride!
  • Modestly Stiffer & Slightly Taller than Stock
    • moderately stiffer but designed to meet VW specs for vehicle ride height, alignment and shock valving.
  • Firm but Responsive Feel - Not Harsh
    • designed to deliver optimum suspension travel and stability - with a typical Westfalia loaded for camping
  • Improved Ride, Cornering & Stability
    • eliminates the mushy ride giving a firmer feel and provides a sense of better cornering and stability in cross winds
  • Optimum Ride Height
    • moderately taller than stock, all within VW Specs
    • designed to deliver optimal suspension travel and ground clearance to ensure full use of the full range of suspension travel
  • Chrome Silicon Steel
    • Chrome Silicon pre-tensioned steel.
    • does not sag like other spring steel and can be wound to closer tolerances creating a more accurate and consistent spring in manufacturing
  • Lifetime Warranty
We have upgraded our wheels recently to 15" rims - this was for the purpose of having a better sellection of tires available. We then decided to upgrade the overall ride of our 1985 - 2WD Vanagon Westfalia by upgrading to Schwenk Springs.  We also did an upgrade in shocks, we put on new bushings - the works. What we found was our ride felt slightly stiffer - but that is a small cost to the incredible handling improvement and sense of being more on the road. We experienced way less sideways sway in corners, much better handling - towards the sports car know, mocassins are fine, but we feel like we are wearing cross trainer running shoes now!