Thermostat Housing 2.1 WBX

Product Description

The thermostat Housing for the 2.1L WBX engine in a T3 Vanagon can have some slight variations. Please check part numbers.

The most common on is a plastic housing with two plug in sensor ports (025 121 115). There is another plastic version that does not have the connection for the hose to the oil cooler (025 121 115 A) but is otherwise the same.

A metal housing (025 121 117 E) was mostly used in T3 Syncros which has screw in sensor ports but is pretty much the same as 025 1231 115. (One bolt for the coolant pipe can be shorter.)

Please note: These parts we offer are original VW quality.

The thermostat (025 121 113 F) and its cover (025 121 114) are separate parts which we can send you as well.

Part numbers: 025121115, 025121115A, 025121117E