T3 Westfalia Pop Top Canvas (options)

Product Description

We offer pop top canvas made from both cotton and acrylic material for you T3 Vanagon Westfalia. Our canvases feature high quality construction, improved functionality with three screened windows for better ventilation, and a zippable front screen to access your luggage rack cargo.

We usually have gray and tan coloured canvas in stock. Special Order Colours (Acrylic Only) Pacific Blue, Burgundy, Dandelion Yellow, Forest Green can be made available for you (allow 6-8 weeks).

Please note:
The earlier style (1980-1985) canvas is screwed in at the bottom and stapled at the top. The later (1986-1992) canvas is held by screws and a rail both at bottom and top. Please choose the appropriate model.

We also have the tack strip for stapled canvas (click here), new stainless screws and seals for your new canvas installation.

      We can install your canvas too which can include mildew removal from the pop top shell.