Skylight Hinge Bolt Set

Product Description

Skylight Hinge Bolt Set

This Vanagon-Westfalia Skylight Hinge Bolt Set is guaranteed to be the right size and fit for your camper. Our Skylight Hinge bolt set features stainless steel M5 x 16 mm bolts with a lock wash and nut and are made from German quality low carbon stainless steel.Why trim improperly sized bolts from our competitors or your local hardware store when you can get the perfect fit from us?

Why replace your skylight hinge bolts?

If your skylight still uses the original hinges and bolts you may find that your skylight is no longer as easy to pop open as it should be. By replacing the old hardware with new hinges and some shiny new bolts made from low carbon stainless steel, your skylight will open easily and effortlessly, and the whole skylight assembly will last longer as well. We also include some butyl rubber (aka dumdum) compound to seal the bolt through holes!

Why our skylight hinge bolts are made from Wurth stainless steel

We want to make sure we always offer the highest quality of products, which is why we make our hardware from German-quality Wurth stainless steel. Wurth low carbon stainless steel is made with top materials and superior manufacturing techniques. Your skylight hinge bolts are guaranteed to fit perfectly and make your installation job easy and painless.