Reimo Easy Fit Pop Top for T4 Eurovan

Product Description

Add that pop top you always wanted! (Bed sold separately).The Reimo design includes a front zippered fabric covered clear plastic window, large side openings with zippered flaps and separately zippered no-see-um netting, 100% cotton fabric on the sides. Operates on gas struts, and opens with a simple push. It is also easy to fasten down with the included straps.

The front portion of the bed section hinges separately and is supported by its own set of gas struts, so that you may hinge it up out of your way to be able to stand up and have a "cathedral ceiling" effect when not using it as a bed.

It's  such a great feature to so easily create a large space for standing, or simply to enjoy the feeling of spaciousness and then quickly pull the bed section down and use the bed!

White, with grey fabric. Please contact us for availability and shipping.

NOTE: We can install this roof for you! Contact us for details.