Pop Top Lift Assist Kit

Product Description
Your Westfalia pop top will raise effortlessly with these hydraulic struts. The kit includes:
  • Struts (standard, medium, or heavy duty)
  • Mounting Hardware 
  • Strut Brackets

Here are some answers to some FAQs we get about our Pop Top Lift Assist Kits:

Where do the struts attach?  To two bolts where your hinge mounts to the roof at the back end and one hole drilled into the fiberglass pop top.

Do I need to make the brackets or are they included?
These are included.

Are they the same as the rear hatch door struts? 
They are not interchangeable.

How do I know whether to select standard/medium/heavy duty version? 
That depends on what kind of lift you want...
  • Standard: provides light lift assist - perfect if you have nothing on the roof and you find lifting it difficult.
  • Medium: useful if you have roof racks or a solar panel on your roof as it makes lifting the heavier weight object. However, without the extra weight, these struts make it more difficult to close your pop top.
  • Heavy duty: these are great if you have something heavy on the roof, such as a canoe or kayak. Please note, though, that if you have nothing on the roof, these struts will make it almost impossible to close the roof.
If you regularly change the weight you carry on your roof, extra struts make it easy for you to deal with the different weight loads. It's easy to switch out the struts that come with the original kit and use your alternate pair -- and they make it so much easier to handle different weights on your roof!