Fuel Filler Grommet T3

Product Description

Replacement Rubber Fuel Filler Grommet

These 48 mm and 68 mm (inside diameter) rubber grommets slide onto the bottom of the shaft of your filler neck! They seal the filler neck with the fuel tank. If you have a 1985 or earlier model, you most likely will require the 68 mm grommet (usually with a metal filler pipe). 1985 and later mostly have the 48 mm grommet (usually with a plastic filler pipe).

We also have an adapter grommet between the old tank (68 mm) and the new filler pipe (48 mm): 251 201 139 B.

Please double check before ordering as Vanagon fuel tanks sometimes get switched around over the years. Call us if you have questions.

Part Numbers: 251201139A, 251201139, 251201139B