Assembly: Gear Shift Linkage Parts T4

Product Description

These parts of the shift linkage of your T4 Eurovan with manual transmission can prevent you from selecting the right gear. All plastic parts will wear over time.

Most commonly the plastic balls on the shift lever fail. Without these balls you have only two gears to choose from.  There is a smaller ball (42) pressed in to a bushing (45) and a slightly larger ball (41) on the transmission side.

Most often it is the larger ball (41) which is the culprit. This can be remedied by removing the frame (49) and by pushing the new ball (41) on the lever. Failure on the other side means both ball (42) and bushing (45) need to be replaced. The new bushing will have to be pressed in and the ball will have to be pressed into the bushing which requires removal of other parts (44, 20).

The relay lever (26) with two plastic bushings (35) can wear out as well. Check the parts you need before you order. See images to assist selecting. The part selection numbers can be seen in the drawings.

Note: warming up the plastic parts before installation helps.

Part Numbers: 015311544, 171711181, 7D1711121, 7D0711124, A7D0711131, 701711166, 701711066, 701711164A, 701711169, 701711202,  701711271 A, 701711699