Assembly: Coolant Lines, Hoses T3 2.1L Waterboxer

Product Description

This is an overview of pipes and hoses of the cooling system in the T3 Vanagon 2.1 L Waterboxer engine (86-92) which will assist you with your selection of the right part. Parts listed here are for the standard setup with manual transmission. There are some variations in the system over time and you can call us if you are not certain.

Select any number in the drawing  and you will find the corresponding part (and SKU) in the identifier list below which you can put into your shopping cart. The part number (SKU) will appear when you click on the item in the identifier list below once. It will also show you the corresponding image.

Please note: some items have different options depending on your coolant layout (example: 8a and 8b)

The long coolant pipes underneath (21, 22) are available in stainless steel.

Part Numbers: 025121081G, 025121062E, 025121058B, 025121058C, 025121058D, 025121058E, 025121058G, 025121058H, 255121081A, 251121082, 251121083H, 025121108D, 025121108E, 025121058A, 025121058J, 025121160D, 251121130B