T3 Westfalia Pop Top Canvas

Product Description
We offer westy pop top canvas made from both cotton and acrylic material. Our canvases feature high quality construction, improved functionality with three screened side windows for better ventilation, and a zippable front screen to access your luggage rack cargo. Our pop top canvas has some great features:
  • Curved front window shape lasts longer and makes the canvas more resistant to tearing
  • Zipper protection flaps protect the zipper from weathering and helps prevent leaks

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Westfalia Pop Top Canvas

  • Do you want to brighten up the inside with a lighter colour to reduce your interior light requirements, or keep it on the darker side so you can sleep in later?
  • Acrylic is a slightly heavier and denser fabric than cotton, so it's more resistant to water and mildew.This also makes it slightly less breathable, but it's hardly noticeable when your three windows are open.
  • Please note that the earlier style (1980-1985) canvas is screwed in at the bottom and stapled at the top. The later (1986-1992) canvas is held by screws and a rail both at bottom and top.
  • You may want to replace your old and brittle pop top canvas screws - nothing worse than finding out yours have broken or are lost in the installation! Our pop top canvas screws are made in Germany from high quality stainless steel.
  • Is your canvas is an earlier 'staple-in style' version, you could use one of our pop top canvas replacement tack strips! Authentic German tack strip - not an aftermarket product - this one is nice to work with - supple and solid!

Westfalia Pop Top  Colour Options:

Acrylic Canvas Colours
  • Tan
  • Gray
Cotton Canvas Colours
  • Tan
  • Gray
Special Order Colours (Acrylic Only)
  • Pacific Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Dandelion Yellow
  • Forest Green
If items are in stock, shipping will be immediate! Special order colours require 6-8 weeks for delivery. We are happy to special order for you! Just contact us!

Westfalia Pop Top Installation Info

Installing your new canvas is a relatively simple process... and we've made it even simpler with our installation tips from the experts! Click here to read more

Want us to install the canvas for you?

We have installed over 30 canvasses - and not one is alike - the setting of the pop top on the roof and the hinges have long gone off factory settings making canvas installations somewhat of an art. We are happy to install the canvas for you - we charge $120/hr for two person installation - options to consider are:
  • Canvas installation
  • Skylight installation
  • Mold and mildew cleanse of the pop top
  • Replace old and brittle canvas screws with new stainless steel
  • Repairs to fiberglass roof damages
Quotes over the phone are generally an approximate estimate - we need to see the job in front of us before we can give a more accurate quote.

Contact us for a quote!