T4 Eurovan Pop Top Canvas (options)

Product Description

Our Eurovan Westy pop top canvas is made either OEM cotton from premium acrylic material. Our canvases feature high quality construction. Acrylic models offer three screened side windows for better ventilation, plus a zippable front screen to access your luggage rack cargo. In cotton we now have the original 1 or 2 window arrangement available which come from Germany as well as a 3 window version.

In North America check if you have a Westfalia Camper (92-97 and up to 2003 Weekender, MV) or a Winnebago Eurovan (95-03). All Westfalia canvas versions also fit the MV (Weekender) model in Canada. In Europe later models can either be Westfalia, Reimo or some other manufacturers. We have canvas for most models. The window arrangement and sizing may vary due to different manufacturers. Contact us if you do not find the canvas you need in our selection on the website.

We also have the bottom trim for Westfalia canvas attachment (255 070 926 M).

Want us to install the canvas for you?

We can do that (if you drop off your van).
  • Canvas installation
  • Skylight installation
  • Mold and mildew cleanse of the pop top
  • Replace old and brittle canvas screws with new stainless steel
  • Repairs to fiberglass roof damages

Quotes over the phone are generally a ball park - we need to see the job in front of us before we can give a more accurate quote.


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