VW Themed Greeting Cards

Product Description

These gorgeous VW Westfalia greeting cards come in several designs. They are created by a young artist and we have grown to love her style and simplicity! New designs released Fall 2014 include Seasonal - winter and valentines cards!

To the Moon, Alice!

Card - Alice resized

This flight of fancy offers a much more pleasant journey than the one so often promised by Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners!

Thank You!

Card - Thank You! resized

Show your gratitude with distinct Westfalia flair.

Life is an Adventure or Nothing at All

Card - Adventure

Thankfully, life always IS an adventure when you're driving your Westy!

Oh, The Places We Can Go...

Card - Places resized

 This delightful card evokes fond memories of the Dr. Seuss favourite.

Buy cards separately or in an eight-card set that features two cards in each style.