Skylight Installation Instructions

  • Remove your damaged skylight
  • open skylight 1-1.5 turns with hand knob
  • turn out set screw from hand wheel 1 and remove hand knob
  • pry off plastic caps from hex nuts
  • (arrows) and remove nuts
  • remove cross-head screw 2
  • remove roof vent bracket cover 3
  • remove bracket 4 downwards from bolts
  • remove skylight 5 with support bracket 4, support arms 6 and hinges upward
© Bently, Robert. Volkswagon Vangon: Official Repair Manual 1980-1991. Cambridge: 1991. 2. Clean off old hardware, nuts and bolts. There may be caulking material, grit, grease that needs to be removed 3. Examined hinges, straighten if necessary 4. You may need to fix flex arms, especially the nylon washer at the end of the flex arm. You may consider replacing it with a washer of the same size and gluing it on the flex arm with epoxy or crazy glue. 5. Check seal, possibly replace if damaged or cracked. 6. Carefully take the skylight from the plastic bubble wrap. You may want to handle it with a soft cloth as not to mark it. 7. Install the skylight in reverse order of removal, noting the following: ***IMPORTANT*** Do not fasten the bolts too tightly. This will cause the skylight to crack! To ensure zero leakage, add fiber gum or suitable caulking compound for fastening hardware to prevent any water leakage through the bolts and skylight. To ensure the life of your skylight, do not drive with your skylight open (and watch out for those underground parking lots!) ***LIMITED WARRANTY*** Your skylight comes with a one year limited warranty. Your warranty will only be honored if installation and cleaning follows the manufacturer’s recommendations. As our valued customer, we will provide on-line and telephone support. Contact Trevor Reid @ 604-839-3597