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Spring 2015 Update!

Looks like we have found a prospectful NEW OWNER of our Website Store and we will me making this transition as soon as possible!

Stay tuned – those of you who have managed to place an order despite my best efforts to hide the shop availability (impressive!) We will hope to get you what you need asap – please be patient as we have a lot on our plates right now!

Happy Spring Everyone!

Cheri & Trevor ~ March 20, 2015

2015 Update!

After 5 years working together Cheri and Trevor decided they what they really wanted was to retire and spend more time in their Westfalia traveling around – yet find a way to continue to offer our products – so we have closed down our online shop – Cheri says “Yay! No more sitting at the computer!”

Where to Shop for Authentic Westfalia Products? You can order wholesale or retail products from various sources:

From us – parts that we manufacture still – just send Cheri an email cheri@vanagonwestfaliaparts.com

In the USA – wholesale and retail inquiries through Bus Depot and specifically our Delta Six products here.

In Canada – wholesale and retail inquiries through Frank Condelli.

Check out this nice thread on Samba.com

Our History

Way back in 1996, devoted Westfalia camper van owner Trevor Reid brought his van into a repair shop to get some work done on it. Imagine his surprise when it was returned to him with its skylight painted over!

After doing some research, Trevor discovered that it would cost him over $400 to get a replacement skylight from Volkswagen Canada. Since he was a professional welder and fabricator, he decided to engineer a mold for himself—and The Skylight Guy was born.

Over the years The Skylight Guy has expanded to offer many other Westfalia products and Westfalia camper van parts, in addition to the skylights we’re famous for.

Cheri, driving their beloved Westy camper van, “Rock On.”

In 2010, Trevor and his soul mate, Cheri, aka “The Skylight Gal,” bought Delta Six Industries, the original parts manufacturer for the Westfalia van. They acquired the original manufacturer molds (OEM) for Westfalia products such as skylights, the complete skylight refit kit, hook-up inlets, faucets, water level sensors, water and battery indicators, and much more.

Trevor and Cheri spent their first two years as owners of these molds lovingly refurbishing them and learning more about the German engineering that originally enabled these parts to meet Westfalia’s famously high standards. During that time, they developed the optimal manufacturing quality control process to ensure they offer you the quality you desire and expect from German manufacturing.


So if you value quality and true authenticity, The Skylight Guy products are for you!

Let’s Connect on the road!

We are very active in the Westy Community and are always looking to meet new fabulous Westy owners! If you like to chat all things “Vee Dub,” please like our page on Facebook. We’re always posting links to fun photos and articles. Plus, you’ll be the first to know about great clearance items or deals on second-hand products for your Westy. We also are here to help you with your projects and finding hard to find parts – or to assist with canvas installations etc.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Westfalia community members Trevor and Cheri

All the best from Trevor, Cheri, and “Rock On.”