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to old and new and new and old. We are continuing to serve the VW camper community with Vanagon Westfalia parts in Canada, skylights, accessories and much more. All parts are guaranteed to fit and last. You can still get original skylights from The Skylight Guy and many other parts here. We also are happy to take custom orders so if you don’t find the Westfalia Bus or Vanagon parts you’re looking for, please email us at:

Vanagon Westfalia Parts is now member of Dr. Björn’s Auto family of sites. Dr. Björn’s Auto is focusing on plant oil (SVO) conversions and Diesel engines: This includes Vanagon to Diesel (TDI and AAZ). This time we are happy to add Westfalia Vanagon parts, skylights and accessories. In the near future you will also have access to more mechanical and difficult to find parts.

Dr. Björn’s Auto is working to lessen the environmental impact of automobiles. The conversions to Diesel engines running on waste plant oil (WVO) is our contribution. We also want you to keep your VW camper of any vintage alive so that you can enjoy, appreciate and respect the environment you are visiting. We have several decades of VW Bus, Vanagon, Eurovan experience and will be happy to assist you with your journeys.

Cheri (The Skylight Gal) and Trevor (The Skylight Guy) are involved behind the scenes to keep things flowing. Cheri still spends time in the office and Trevor still makes skylights and other parts. So there are some new things happening and there is still the good old service to keep your old vans like new.

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Talking about new: we have now become a dealer for Reimo. This means that their wealth of parts and accessories will be available in North America through us. Check out their website and let us know how we can improve your travel experience further.