Hotfox Coolant Operated Tank Heater

Product Description



All stainless steel heavy duty construction. Extremely rugged and effective. Easy to install. Built for the highway tractor industry, 1 year, 50,000 mile warranty.

You’ll plumb it with coolant (the water-antifreeze solution in your vehicle’s radiator) and it’s also the fuel pickup for the tank. All connections are external to the tank, via the 3 - 1/2 NPT ports on the top of the HotFox, thus there’s no danger of coolant leaking into your tank from an internal connection.

The HotFox heats the fuel two ways - by immersing the larger tube of coolant in the tank, and via heat exchange as the fuel is drawn up through the centre of this larger tube, in a 2nd, 1/2” diameter tube.

Ordering information: Available in the following sizes: 8-10", 10-12", 12-14", 13-15", 14-16", 17-19", 20-22", 22-24", 24-26", 26-28", 27-29. You will need to email us when you order, and let us know which size you want. 

In each case, the actual HotFox is 1” shorter than the first number, and each HotFox ships with a 1/2” brass pipe nipple 2” long, which allows you to adjust the HotFox so that the end of the HotFox is 1/2” to 1” above the bottom of the tank. You might need to cut the 1/2” pipe nipple to give this distance, while some tanks would not need the pipe nipple, and others would need the entire 2” nipple

Note to Canadian customers: This item is often shipped direct to you from factory in the USA, and as such will be subject to application of sales tax when imported to Canada. Canada Customs or Canada Post will bill you for service and taxes, usually around $30. We have priced the Hotfox here accordingly, so please accept that we cannot control the additional charges and will not refund you for them.